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As I think about what has happened today, all that I can say is that the Lord is so aware of our lives. Parker's story is riddled with small, tender mercies that have been granted to us.

He went to the hospital at just the right time. If my parents had waited, and Parker had passed out at the house, it would have taken the ambulance 10 minutes to get here, and then ten minutes back. From the time that Parker collapsed, he only had ten minutes, or he was a goner.

The ambulance also did not have all of the things that Parker needed at the time. Even if the ambulance had been faster than usual, he would have died on the way to the hospital.

At the Utah Valley Hospital, they quickly realized that he needed to be at Primary Children's. They life-flighted him up there. Parker went into Cardiac Arrest as soon as he was hooked up to the machines. In the alternate scenario of surviving the ambulance ride, and living long enough to be life-flighted, he would have gone into Cardiac Arrest on the flight, and he could have died.

There are many more small miracles that we realize in this trial. While what Parker is going through is life-threatening, this mercies have been life-saving. To have gone through all of these life-saving miracles, one can only have faith that his life is meant to be saved and that he is meant to do something else in this life that will truly make a difference.

What a world we live in. What a blessing to be in the United States with our healthcare. What a blessing to be in Utah *yes, living here is actually a blessing ;) * There was a teen that was life-flighted to Primary Children's from Montana because of the quality of healthcare that is given there. How amazing that we live so close to this resource.

I cannot help but give thanks for these small miracles that we are experiencing.

Hopefully, Parker will be back in the water- ready to play his heart out.

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