The Fight- Update Morning 2/1

10:48 AM

Well, it is our first update of the day.

Parker was on life-support the whole night, and at at the same place he was yesterday- which long story short, he is getting worse. The doctors say that the main issue is that while he is the same, he should be beating back the infections, viruses and bacteria by now. For some reason his body is not responding and fighting back. They think they may know the reason why- one of the tests came back positive for a staph infection.

The running total: he has Influenza A, Pneumonia, four life-threatening lung infections, has been in Cardiac Arrest twice, and a HUGE staph infection.

The doctors say that they have never seen the body under attack like this before. We really need your prayers for Parker right now. We will have more definite answers tonight after they have performed more tests.

We are going to head up to the hospital in the afternoon.

Here is a picture of all of us at Provo Falls from two years ago for those that have not seen us for a while. Trust me, Parker and Sterling are a lot taller now, but we are pretty much the same.

At this time we can just put our trust in the Lord and pray that the doctors can do the best that they can.

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  1. We just want you all to know that you're not alone in this. So many of us are fasting and praying for a miracle along with you. We love you all SO much! You're such an amazing family!

    -Peatross Family

  2. Dear Allreds,

    Please know that we are praying and fasting for Parker today. May the Lord bless you all!

    -Chris and Patricia Smith and Family

  3. Madison - Thank you for keeping us updated. I'm sure you're being a wonderful help to your parents. Keep it up, and know that we love your family and you are in our thoughts and prayers.

  4. Germanes and most if not all of Parker's priest's quorum are fasting and praying today. With all the righteous people that are combining their faith on Parker's behalf, any requirement of mortal men for a miracle to be wrought must surely have been met.

  5. All our love, my dear cousins. Our prayers and faith are being offered up along with yours. Sterling, hang in there buddy. We love you.

  6. Our prayers and love are with you. We hope that Parker responds to his treatments. May The Lord bless Parker and all in your family.

    Alison and Stephen Van Orden

  7. We have been fasting and praying for Parker and for all of you. May you feel the peace of the Comforter at this difficult time.

    -Walstad Family



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