Trials and Tribulations

12:41 AM

Well, this is how our trial started.

I saw Parker on Thursday, and he seemed his normal, chipper self. 

On Friday he was feeling a bit under the weather- had a headache, and not feeling his best. My mom guessed that it was the start of the flu- and wouldn't you know it? It was. On Sunday he had the common symptoms of the flu, and was just not doing too hot. My mom and I kind of joked that when Parker gets sick, it is not just a head cold or anything- he is as sick as a dog! He had a really bad fever, and my mom was constantly calling the hospital to make sure everything was normal. Turns out they have one nurse just to answer people's questions about their own/their child's flu symptoms. It came in pretty handy to help ease my mother's worrying. My mom had called me to let me know he was sick and to get a lot of sleep to fight off this potential virus.

Parker's fever was serious; he was delusional and was hallucinating. Somehow on late Tuesday night he got a hold of his phone. He texted me some pretty funny stuff.  His skin was bright red, as a result of the fever, and it was a sight to see. He was coughing up mucus, could not keep anything down, and it was pretty sad for us to see him in that state.

Thursday Morning came about, and it seemed like it was getting worse. Parker would wake up at 2 or 4 in the morning now since his sleep schedule was off, and so my dad went down and watched ESPN Sports Center with him. Parker's fever broke after a few hours, which was a relief to my parents. After they dropped of Sterling at school, he started to complain of a pain in his lower side. My dad, with all of his medical knowledge relating to his own sports injuries, guessed that it was his kidneys and decided that they needed to take him into the hospital.

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