The Fight, Day 1

1:26 AM

My parents dropped off Hailey at school, and then took Parker into InstaCare. At this time Parker's skin was covered with red and while blotches, and his dark circles had evolved into purple isosceles triangles that extended from his eye to the middle of his cheek. This 6'1" boy, who had roughly weighed 200 lbs (of muscle let me tell ya) was now skin and bones. He was a skeleton of his former self.
Parker was leaning on my dad's arm for support while walking into InstaCare, but he collapsed as soon as they were in the lobby. As luck would have it, my dad knew one of of the doctors in InstaCare and he rushed over to help. He hurriedly told him that Parker needed to get to the ER, and fast!
My dad lifted him up *thank you genes for making my dad huge* and ran him over to the ER which was about 50 yards away. Once Parker was in there the doctors immediately performed 'life-saving procedures'. They inserted an oxygen tube down his lungs, and gave him Epinephrin. It soon became clear that he needed more help and that he would need to be life-flighted down to Primary Children's Hospital in Salt Lake City. My parents prepped him for the flight, and my dad gave him a priesthood blessing. The doctor that aided my dad with the blessing was- who would've known, another man with the last name of Allred! What a small world. Thank you Mr. Allred for being willing and worthy to hold the priesthood to help my father in giving Parker a blessing.

 Parker was then life-flighted to Primary Children's.
My parents were told that there was no way to beat the helicopter, so to make sure they are safe when driving up there (it is about a 45-50 min drive from Provo).

 As my parents were about to get on the freeway, they get a call.

"Hello, are you guys almost here?"
"No, just about to get on the freeway."
"Well.... When you get here, we need to see you in room 2***."

Needless to say, I am sure that that drive was the longest drive in my parent's lives.

They get to the hospital and get the news. Parker was stable when the life-flight landed, and it looked pretty good. The staff was able to hook him up to all of the machines in the hospital, but Parker went into Cardiac Arrest. It is just how it is in the TV shows and movies. There was rushing around, and they had to pump his chest to keep his heart going. He was in Cardiac Arrest for five minutes.

My dad figures that is when they called him and asked where he was.

Parker was doing alright when my parents got there, but he needed a way to get all of the carbon dioxide out of his blood so they hooked him up to a heart/lung bypass. His heart rate was a bit fast before they did this, which apparently was a good sign.

But Parker went into Cardiac Arrest again.
This time, it was only for three minutes.

Somewhere during this time, there was separate occasion of his heart, lungs, and kidneys failing, but I do not quite remember where. Just add it to the general chaos and grief of the situation.

After he had stabilized, Parker had to be put on Life Support. The doctors were able to perform a whole bunch of tests on poor Parker. On the X-ray of his chest, half of his lungs were white with Pneumonia.  He also tested positive for Influenza A, and four other bacterial infections with samples of cultures that were in his lungs. All of that was found from just his lungs. The miracle of modern medicine I tell ya.

We will have a somewhat solidified diagnosis tomorrow after 6 or so when the doctors have had more time to analyze the tissue samples.

My parents will stay with him as much as they can during the day, and switch off nights. My mom has the first watch tonight.

It has really bad cell reception on the floor that they are at, and also my parents are exhausted. If you have any questions, want to express wishes for good health or offers of service, I would ask you to please call/text me at 8016784775. It is a bit much for my parents to be there for Parker and fielding phone calls- even though they are made with the best of intentions.

As far as holding down the fort goes, I will be staying home for the foreseeable future and we are being well taken care of. My aunt lives really close and she has been such a service already, and Hailey's boyfriend is wonderful and gets us anything we need.

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  1. Thanks Madison for your blog. My heart goes out to you and your family and I will restrain myself from trying to contact your parents even though my desire is to rush to their sides and hold them and comfort them, but I'm sure it wouldn't be adequate. Still it's what I feel like doing. Parker has been and will continue to be in my prayers as well as the rest of your family. How old is Parker anyway?
    Pene Wendell

  2. Praying for you and your family!



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