Our Sweet Blue Eyed Boy

8:06 AM

Well, let's be honest. If Parker had his way, he would rather that the blog's URL would be titled: "Superstudlyboygoingthroughsuperaweseomethingssupercool" or something like that. 
But, this is the wonderful part of this blog being done by his older sister, is that I get to decide on the name ;)
It really is a representation of him though; he is our family's sweet, blue eyed boy. 

Parker is a 16 year old boy, who is a Sophmore at Timpview High School.
Parker is a tall, big guy who takes after his dad. He has that sandy blonde hair with gray blue eyes that twinkle when he laughs. Man, he just seems to keep and keep on growing, he is now 6'1", but for some reason he thinks that his sister (who is shorter than him by a good four inches) can still lift him up and pop his back. 
Silly kid.

He loves sports and working out. He has played tackle football since 8th grade, Water Polo since his Freshman year, and swam this last season to cross-train. 
His personality is very unique- at first he can come across as stand-offish because he is shy, but boy is he a talker! He is the joker in the family and always knows what goofy thing to say to make Mom laugh. 

We will make sure we update this site to let you all know how he is doing as soon as we hear about it.
Thanks for all of your support!

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