What Can YOU Do?

1:26 AM

This has been a question that many people have asked. Well, I have some solutions for you!

#1: Donate blood. Dead serious, this sounds kind of dorky and like, "But will he really benefit from it?" Trust me, he will. Asides from the numerous times today that his life has been saved today by little tender mercies given by Heavenly Father, Parker was saved through blood donors. He has gone through so many platelets today, and will soon need whole blood. Give, give, give! If some kind souls had not gone out of their ways to donate blood today, my.... little, baby brother would be gone. Who knows, your blood might end up to him or it could save the life of a little girl, or a little toddler. It is worth it, isn't it?
#2: Cards for Parker. My family is hoping for the best and that he will have a full recovery, but that will mean that he has a long road of rehabilitation ahead of him. When he wakes up, wouldn't it be just wonderful to have him open up his eyes to a lot of beautiful, colorful cards? He is a guy, so he might not appreciate flowers all that much, but I am sure that any cards with notes or even a joke (he loves to laugh) would brighten his day and during his recovery he can look through them and feel your love. So the question is: how do we get our cards to Parker? Well, the solution that we have planned right now is to just drop them off/mail them to 3015 Indian Hills Dr, Provo UT 84604. We will take them up on our daily trips to Primary Children's and try to brighten his day.

#3: Cards for Mom. My mother is the sweetest woman I know and I am so blessed to have her as my mom. This has been a lot for her- I mean imagine if one day your healthy, huge son was just joking around and dancing with his sister in the kitchen, and the next he is on death's door. Pretty scary and traumatizing. Please write cards for my mom- this will be better than calling her since she is so busy right now. In the upcoming weeks I am sure she would appreciate the calls, but it is just too much to handle right now. If you sent a card, it would be something to look at when she has time and it is also a physical reminder of your love. Also- you did not hear it from me... but she loves chocolate covered strawberries and Diet Coke.

#4: Anything else. Anything else that you guys would like to do, I am sure we would be more than up for it. Your prayers and fasts are very appreciated. Please don't forget Sterling in all of this- he is such a sweet heart and is naturally very caring. It is very hard to watch his older brother, teammate and best friend go through this trial. Even though he may seem old enough to handle it, (he is taller than me now, can you believe it?!) he is only in eighth grade. Please keep him in your thoughts.

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